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Who are we?

We accelerate your business using China as the engine

Bringing a team of experts with a combined experience of more than 50 years living, working, creating and hustling businesses here, we make China entry easier, covering a wide range of verticals and understanding the best way to make you succeed.


We have the right state of mind and understanding of both Chinese and foreign business cultures to help connecting startups, mature companies and leaders to the ecosystem. We work as an extension of your team and make sure that you land safely, making the best out of your potential, time and investment


Product Development

Talk with the biggest specialists in the Greater Bay Area of China. Hear about successful case studies and understand how to make your dream product real! We help you cover product development, full supply chain and every aspect around it.


Link with some of the Top500 Chinese corporations as well as with successfull SMEs and startups. Immerse in the manufacturing, maker/DYI environment, understand how to bring your idea to life, how to shape it to success and let yourself influence by disruption in China.

Partnership and growth

Understand the local ecosystem, how to create and leverage partnerships, from business development to investment hunting, understand cultural gaps and combine online/offline go to market strategies.

Our focus

Our team

bruno black and white 2.jpg
Bruno Caetano, 
Managing Director

Since 2010 in China, Bruno has helped overseas companies develop sales, marketing and strong, long lasting partnerships, identifying key stakeholders in and outside of China, connecting the dots and generating million dollar revenue streams.

He has a comprehensive project management, sourcing and product development expertise. With a vast knowledge of China's ecosystem and business culture, Bruno holds a HSK3 Mandarin certificate.

Li Xiao Lei.png
Li XiaoLei,
Director of Operations

Li has 10 years+ experience developing partnerships and manufacturing electronic products with Chinese OEM manufacturers. He has a deep understanding of supply chain management, as well as privileged relationships with key tech related industry players

Moreover, he has the experience of managing key account foreign companies globally.

Antoine Messager.png
Antoine Messager, 
Project Manager

Antoine is a Lead Engineer and Project Manager with almost 10 years experience leading the development & industrialization of electronic devices made in China, designed by several companies globally. He has led technical teams of 50+ people, managed full supplier portfolios (from parts to distribution platform), launched more than 30 different products in 20 countries and having, between other honors, received a Reddot
Design Award.

Tobia Repossi_edited.jpg
Tobia Repossi, 
Design Director

Tobia is a designer with 20+ years of experience in product design of furniture, electronic appliances and accessories. He has worked for major Chinese market leading companies as well as European and American brands and for dozens of startups from China and Silicon Valley. His designs have been displayed and sold in several retailers, namely in Apple Stores. He has as well been selected for international awards in product
design competitions.

Tony Lee_edited_edited.jpg
Tony Lee, 
Legal/Accounting Specialist

Tony has worked as a CPA and Legal advisor in China for 15 years+ being an expert and insider when it comes to Chinese regulations and best practices. He has incorporated 100+ companies in the Greater Bay area and helped entrepreneurs and investors from several regions to land safely in China and navigate its complex bureaucracy

Need more details? We would love to hear from you!
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