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PlugtoChina manages your product development supply chain bottom up, from idea/concept to mass production and shipment, fully or partially, project by project, making sure that you don´t waste time or money

Since we do not own any manufacturing facilities, we are free to choose the best partners for each step, optimizing your critical path and delivering world class products in record time

And because we are as well market people with years working on product development we can guide you through making your product launch a success, as we understand your concerns and we anticipate show stopers that will pop up

Product Development

Our matrix

Business Strategy

Structure Setup

Our flow


Briefing and Planning

  • Project overview – product, technology and market

  • Product specs, functionalities and expected output, including OS, software/firmware and applications built in

  • Analyze existing solutions – what can be used, lower NREs/time to market/risk

  • Define timeline and KPIs

  • Define initial BOM (bill of materials) and global expected project costs

  • Commercial terms definition and agreement


Engineering and Prototyping

  • Component sourcing and BOM optimization

  • Product concept design (concept to 3D visualization)

  • DFM (design for manufacturing): mechanical ID, electric and PCB design

  • Validation steps/tests implementation

  • Firmware development and integration with Prototype

  • Finish few prototypes that look and feel real

  • Test, validation, feedback

  • Optimize prototype according to the given feedback


Tooling and pre-mass production

  • DFM confirmation and ready to go next stage

  • Sub-contract plastic, manufacturing and assembling partners

  • Tooling definition and opening

  • Plastic injection shooting and test of first casing batches

  • Monitor and control first batch of production and shipment of few samples for testing

  • Supply chain optimization, costs and procedures


Mass Production, QC and Go2Market

  • Prepare for second batch of mass production

  • Packaging design and production

  • Product QC and QA in factory

  • Warehousing and shipment management to different markets

  • Improve supply chain cost/process, repeat orders

  • Contact potential distributors/buyers

  • Product validation/market feedback

  • Prepare marketing materials

  • Build up crowdfunding campains

Need more details? We would love to hear from you!
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