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Plug Services

We evaluate together with you whether the company, business case, product proposition, technology or market ambition/vision are promising and whether if we can help you or not, in a transparent “hands on” approach

Our workflow and business models are open and flexible in order fit your real needs

Your success is our success and we take each and every potential partnership very seriously, giving you several options to plug, according to your company stage, industry and business/personal objectives

Besides being an outstanding market, China is a hub for business connected with stakeholders from all over the world. We look into your product, business, short term and long term objectives and design comprehensive marketing and sales strategy, giving you all the necessary tools to succeed. Identify strategic partners and channels, shape product offering, adapt the message to Chinese cultural and business contexts and explore different opportunities in China and from China to the world

We establish local structures, with the help of experienced CPAs, legal advisors and IP consultants, help you hire, and learn about the best locations for a soft landing or create an extension of your operations in China, so that you can fully focus on what you do the best

Business Strategy

Structure Setup

Fund Hunting

We connect you with the VC/Angel ecosystem and help you look for funding, adapting your company approach to make it successful. We mitigate the cultural and business differences from west - east, helping you fit to the reality of who regional investors want to target

Innovation Tours

Quick, tailored, result oriented acceleration program for startups, established enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators to immerse into China's ecosystem, with different approaches but always with the objective of helping companies that want to integrate in or learn from the Chinese landscape.

Programs aimed at manufacturing, offline/online market penetration, industry partnership on specific verticals, startup ecosystem connection, or simply visiting and understanding what is going on in this side of the world

Our flow



Company profile, product, vision and objectives


Agree commercial terms, KPI´s, objectives, structure, workflow and ignite 


Able or not to accelerate in China


Keep updated and involved on the progress


Define strategy, key partners and targets


Update strategy, planning and tools, redefine objectives

Who are you?


We support you on your quest of developing your dream product, from concept to final production, go2market strategy, design and support, strategic partnership development and fund sourcing


Want to open an office? Set up a local team? Matchmake and reach out to potential strategic partners? Grow your business in China and overseas ? Understand the immensity of online market? Get funded? We got you covered

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Get inspired by China's Ecosystem, talk with innovative and successful companies in different verticals, immerse into the manufacturing aura of the GBA, understand digital trends and pull out new/disruptive ideas that you can implement locally


We match your business vertical interests with a hand full of curated, innovative, high value, result oriented companies, helping them to immerse in China ecosystem landscape, understand the value of language, culture, and the potential of strategic aliances in China and make them become your greateast investment

What they say

Tiago Costa Alves Linkedin.jpeg

Tiago Costa Alves, VP APAC @ Aptoide

When we first arrive to China, PlugtoChina helped us drawing market penetration and strategic alliance strategy, touching several key points, monitoring and improving our progress. They still support us as of today in different tasks, from hiring to finding new locations, always available!

Lyne Berro Linkedin.jpeg

Lyne Berro, CEO &
Co-Founder @ Carbo Electric Bike

Navigating through China turbulent waters is not easy, and PlugtoChina support has been a game changer. They brought us business and investment opportunities, strategic partnerships, talent pools and the opportunity to reach out seeking advise anytime! 

Antonio Rocha Linkedin.jpeg

Antonio Rocha, 
Co-Founder & CTO @ Smartex | Part of HAX/SOSV

We meet Bruno and PlugtoChina team just after we arrived in China. Although we have an existing local support team, the level of China's ground knowledge, business, manufacturing experience and network these people have are outstanding. They helped us build sales strategies, got us business and investing leads, recommended top position managers and are always a text message away! 

Need more details? We would love to hear from you!
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