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The China Opportunity

China's landscape is changing rapidly. The Middle Empire is rising as a role model in several industries, from Fintech, to E-commerce, New Retail, EV and Urban Mobility, AI, IoT, Blockchain or Machine Learning.

Moving away from being the world's "factory” producing cheap, low quality goods based on low labor cost, it´s integrating and producing higher value products and services, upgrading the manufacturing and servicing capabilities of its industries.

China paves the way in Internet and consumer market disruption, where companies like Baidu, Alibaba or Tencent (BAT) lead innovation, create super apps, ecosystems and payment methods

It has become a huge market opportunity for foreign goods and services, as well as a hub of networking and partnerships across the globe. China is now a global integrator


Visa issuing policies for foreign talents were made easier, public and private Venture Capitals are on the rise and public incentives across several cities were created to attract foreign companies and businesses


The opportunity is now!


4 Years

Average time a startup takes to  become a Unicorn in China VS 7 years in the US


Of total Worldwide Startup investment is based in China


The biggest consumer market in the world


Internet consumers, 98% being mobile

Manufacturing hub

400M Mobile phones and 800M LCDs produced in Shenzhen in 2018, 30% and 40% of world´s total production respectively

500.000 Factories

Electronic component manufacturers just in Shenzhen area

2 Days

Average lead time needed to prototype a device


China is only behind USA in the number of registered patents

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